JennyWennyCakes is fully committed to making our cakes from scratch with the best ingredients. We do not compromise on quality, and we are proud of our unparalleled customer service. We never use a courier service for deliveries; our team will always deliver your cakes and desserts with the utmost care.

We specialize in custom cakes for any event: baby showers, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, vow renewals, and birthdays for any age, as well as dessert tables. We can include all stand rental pieces and setup.

We are proud to welcome everyone, including our LGBTQ+ friends.



Learning from an early age in her mother’s kitchen in England, Jenny has always loved to bake treats. After moving to the United States, she was missing a taste of home. Looking for a creative outlet, led her to learn from some of San Diego’s best bakers, and eventually to conceptualize and found JennyWennyCakes! Jenny is by training a Medicinal Chemist. With this science background, she loves to experiment with new techniques and flavors.


Meet Michelle, our full-time baker and decorator. She’s the creative force behind our delicious baked goods, handling everything from mixing the ingredients to delivering the final product. She is also a very talented cake decorator, ready to work on new designs and to help the team learn new skills. When she’s not in the kitchen, Michelle enjoys spending time with her dog, trying out new restaurants, and traveling to exciting places. She brings her passion for baking and love for life into everything she does, making her an essential part of our team.


Alvin is another talented cake artist who creates many of the 3D figures and cake toppers, and does a lot of the intricate fondant designs. His favorite things to make are animals, ranging from your very own pet to giant dragons and sea monsters. Around the bakery you can often find his tiny, hidden creations. When he is not shaping fondant, he likes staying active, drinking Mostra Coffee, and watching the latest movies.


If you’re getting married or planning an event, you may find yourself emailing with Alyssia before you meet the rest of the team. She is our Sales and Administrative Assistant that handles customer service operations including ordering, pricing and design for desserts and cakes. Her favorite part about working at the bakery is meeting clients through consultations and seeing clients faces when they see their cakes. She loves playing a small part in making family events an extra special day. When she’s not working, she is running after her family, reading, cooking, traveling and taking care of her home.


Meet Brianna, our invaluable administrative assistant. With her keen organizational skills and attention to detail, she keeps our office running smoothly and efficiently. Brianna’s friendly demeanor and proactive approach make her a pleasure to work with. She’s always ready to assist wherever needed in our bakery and for our clients. When she’s not at the office, she enjoys crosswords, baking, going to the zoo and spending time with her husband. Brianna’s dedication and positive attitude contribute greatly to our team’s success.


Meet Karla, our full-time baker and cake decorator. She’s the heart of our kitchen, baking, and decorating.. Her willingness to work hard and attention to detail helps us ensure each order reaches you with care. In her downtime, Karla enjoys reading, spending quality time with her husband, and trying out new culinary delights. Her passion for baking and love for simple joys enrich our team in more ways than one.


Meet Jade, our full-time baker and cake decorator. Jade’s dedication to our team and our client’s desserts has been well-appreciated as her role develops at our bakery. Her passion for learning keeps her up to date with the latest culinary trends. At work, Jade’s specialty is mermaid cake decoration, and her personal favorite treat is the hazelnut praline trifle. Beyond the kitchen, she enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, spending time with family, and playing with her beloved cat. Her creativity and dedication elevate our desserts to a whole new level.


Meet our most experienced cake decorator, the true artist behind our beautifully adorned cakes. With a wealth of expertise, she takes cake decoration to the next level. In her free time, you’ll find her at the gym, staying active, and indulging her passion for photography. Her skills and creative flair add a touch of elegance to every creation, making her an essential part of our team.


Real ingredients. Real people. Real care. We put love into each dessert we bake or create, and we know it shines through in the final product. We believe you enjoy desserts will all of your senses, and our promise is that your cake or treat will taste as amazing as it looks.


“Our wedding cake was simply beautiful, and incredibly delicious. We are so happy with how everything turned out. I cannot wait for another occasion to order a cake from JennyWennyCakes!”

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From Hummingbird, to banana chocolate chip with caramel, to traditional, yet decadent flavors like chocolate and vanilla, we do it all. Have something custom in mind? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve even created a Hot Cheetos cake (no, not with actual Hot Cheetos, but give us a shout if that sounds like an awesome cake to you)!

So when my hubby and I started dating, I told him I was going to dress him up as Han Solo for ComicCon because I dressed up as Leia. Fast forward, we get engaged, I tell him I want a loosely based Star Wars wedding, he says he doesn’t want it to look like a six-year-old birthday party.

Can do!

This cake is the embodiment of my vision. Classy and nerdy and beautiful and impressive. “Most impressive!”  The detail and deftness of hand that sculpted this cake can not be denied. The crafting to get this behemoth to stand up and not collapse in August temperature was incredible. When I saw it for the first time my jaw dropped. THIS is why you don’t skimp out on the cake! THIS is a work of art, a freaking delicious masterpiece! The cake tasting my then-fiancé did back in early March was fun, and the finished product was better than I could have hoped.

I originally picked this place because they have some great looking cakes, but I was in love with the work they did on a Minas Tirith cake another couple posted. So glad they were a part of our most special day. The Force is definitely with the fondant sculptor! Thank you so much for a cake that was delicious as well as gorgeous!

Liz, Yelp.com

We contracted with JennyWenny Cakes through our venue Carmel Mountain Ranch Estate. I fell in love with the cakes she created even before having one bite. 

Our cake tasting was phenomenal. We had an assortment of cakes, frostings, fillings, etc. where we were able to try different combinations to see what we liked. Honestly, we liked so many that we enlisted Katie’s expertise, and we are so thankful. Not only does JennyWenny Cakes deliver an incredible product, but they are so helpful with absolutely everything. We ended up adding an extra flavor and additional add-ons, but the price was so reasonable. I was willing to pay more than they were asking for because everything was just that good. 

Our wedding cake was simply beautiful, and incredibly delicious. We are so happy with how everything turned out. I cannot wait for another occasion to order a cake from JennyWenny Cakes! 

We highly recommend JennyWenny Cakes for your wedding cake, and desserts!

Kristen, Yelp.com

From start to finish we loved everything about working with JennyWenny! They were the first tasting we had and every cake tasting after that fell flat in comparison. They have sooo many options and each one was delicious! Their pricing seemed unreal given the quality of the cake and the intricate details they are able to pull-off! We were lucky enough to work with Katie and she was incredible! She communicated in a way that was friendly, professional, and made us feel like everything was going to be even better than we hoped (which it was!) 

When the big day came, the cake looked like it came right out of Pinterest and more importantly it tasted amazing! Our guests raved about it and our only regret is that we didn’t save more for ourselves!

Devon, Yelp.com

The best wedding cake! 

Jenny and team were so wonderful and welcoming from the beginning. We did our cake/dessert tasting and were very pleased with the cake flavor we put together. A few weeks before the wedding, we asked to add a few desserts and this was accommodated as well. 

The design we wanted for the cake was exactly what was delivered. It was beautiful! My husband and I knew we created a great tasting cake, but we didn’t realize how much our guests would love it too! We didn’t expect so many people to say that they were hunting down uneaten pieces set aside for other guests 😉 

Jennywennycakes is highly recommended and we will be returning customers in the future!

Mae, Yelp.com