Desser table at Martin Johnson House. Picture by Chris Wojdak Photography

We are happy to create a beautiful dessert spread for your special occasion, you might opt for a small cake to cut, accompanied by mini desserts, such as cupcakes, mini cupcakes, macarons, trifles, tarts, cookies or other dessert items.

Prices range from $1-$4 per item, we usually recommend 2-3 desserts per guest.  We will be happy to put together a package based upon your needs.

We have plenty of stands and plates, and can set up a delicious display for your guests for a small fee for setup and stand rental, and will require a deposit for the cake stands and plates.

See more details of our dessert menu, browse the gallery of desserts below.

Please note that we do not make ice cream, or any deep fried items such as churros, donuts or cannoli.